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Parish Council grants to local community groups

Each year the Parish Council sets aside a small fund to help local community groups within Crich Parish. If you run a community group, or belong to one, have you considered applying for a grant – it might make a little difference to what you can do going forward? Perhaps there is an item that your group would like but cannot afford, perhaps you need help with running costs. There are a few rules around applying, but they are simple and straightforward.

  • The group must serve Crich Parish community and must not be run for gain.
  • The group must have an open membership policy.
  • At least 50% of members must live in Crich Parish.
  • The group must demonstrate other fundraising activity.
  • The group must be able to demonstrate the need for financial support as shown by the presentation of current Accounts or a Financial Statement. Out of date Accounts or Financial Statements cannot be accepted. Bank statements cannot be accepted.
  • Applications must be made in writing using the official application form.
  • Grants will only be considered if the application has been made in the prescribed way; is complete, includes current Accounts or a Financial Statement, and has been submitted to the Parish Clerk by the advertised date each year.

In recognition of the current exceptional times, the Finance Committee may consider and make recommendations relating to grant applications received outside of the set criteria and Annual Grant Scheme deadline, at the Committee's discretion – providing they do not contravene the rules of what Council is allowed to do under S137.

Application forms are available from the Parish Council.

Grant applications now open for 2021/22

Last updated: Fri, 20 Aug 2021 13:27